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We are a premier tax and financial services provider in the US. We are available for in-person meetings and virtual appointments. Headquartered in San Juan Capistrano, we serve nationally and globally. Our existing clients would testify for their satisfactory experience with us.

About William Martensen

Martensen Tax & Financial is founded by William Martensen. He is an enrolled agent who is determined to provide improved services each day. He deals in various tax scenarios and is an expert at preparing and filing personal and business taxes. Depending upon the client’s requirements, he works to deliver what’s expected of him.

Additionally, we specialize in negotiating tax settlements, accounting and bookkeeping, payroll, and personal finance management.

Exclusive Network of Professionals

No matter the type of entity status (business, individual, corporation, etc.), we prepare the documentation, which is necessary torun and operates your business. Our exclusive network of professionals provides referrals to other trusted professionals, who pull strings when necessary. 

If you have been putting off that extremely complicated tax issue, or need to file a simple tax return, just call us.

Watch how easy it is to make your tax problems go away! – Will Martensen

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Exciting new tax laws this year! Call our office for more information.  

– Will Martensen, EA

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